Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Margate Library and Historical Society Alliance: Evolving for the Future to Preserve the Past

The Margate City Historical Society is was founded on December 16, 1995. The Society is dedicated to the preservation, documentation, and presentation of historical records and artifacts relating to the City of Margate, formerly known as the City of South Atlantic City. For nearly 20 years, the Society maintained a museum at 7 South Washington Avenue in Margate and published The Beacon, a quarterly newsletter.

 The Margate City Historical Society was the result of the efforts of both Robert “Pat” Patterson and Frank Tiemann, former public servants in Margate. Patterson and Tiemann wished to preserve their paper and artifact collections for the public and to preserve the recorded history of Margate City. They were joined in their mission by Jules Woods. By September, 1996, twenty people had registered as Charter Members of the new Margate City Historical Society. During the course of the next several months, officers were elected, by-laws and the constitution were written, and the organization's goals were established. In May of 1997, Margate City Commissioners announced the long-term loan of a building at 7 South Washington Avenue to house a museum and provide office and storage space. A lease was drawn up granting the Margate City Historical Society permmission to lease the building for a cost of $1.00 per year for five years. The museum was established and the membership of the Historical Society grew.

In the Spring of 2012, The Margate Historical Society and the Margate City Public Library joined forces to establish the Margate Library and Historical Society Alliance. A new Board of Trustees has been appointed and the by-laws have been updated. The museum had to vacate the premises at 7 South Washington Avenue in 2012; the building was demolished in Spring, 2015. The Alliance will install a new museum in the landmark Margate City Hall at 1 South Washington Avenue when post-Sandy renovations have been completed.

The Margate City Historical Society collection consists of old photographs, genealogical records, books, letters, advertising, political documents, antique fire fighting equipment and other items illustrative of life, conditions and events in Margate's past. Items in the collection are being photographed and catalogued with the goal of making the information accessible online. Anyone willing to donate items related specifically to Margate's history is encouraged to contact the Margate Library and Historical Society Alliance.

The Alliance is always pleased to  welcome new members. For membership information or to have questions answered, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the Margate City Public Library at 609-822-4700.