Thursday 22 October 2020

Voice Enabled Solutions Linking Libraries & Patrons

Things You Can Do With myLibro

Tap mic or use text chat to interact with myLybro. Here are the few ways you can interact with:

  • Search and reserve books, audio or video
  • Check the status of holds
  • List checkouts and renewals
  • Fees and fines
  • Discover library events
  • List items on pickup
  • Cancel a book
  • See if the library is open
  • Search by author or series


  • Search for "myLIBRO" on the Play Store (Android) or the APP Store (iOS).
  • Install or download the app to your device. 

Sign Up/ Sign in Page:

Open the myLIBRO app and select the Create myLIBRO Account button.

  • Chose Library
  • Last Name
  • Barcode

Once you are Logged In, you can access your library using Voice Mode or Chat Mode.