Margate Beacon (1940-1949)

Subscribe to the Beacon Now and Be Sure of Your Copy Every Friday Volume IX, Numbtr 2 ARGATE BEACON Margate City (Atlantic City, N. J., P.0.) Matimad as Second-Class flatter, April 21, 19iIM at the Post• melte at Atlantic City, N. J., Vadat' the Act of Mar ch 2. 1•79." FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 1940 Read the Beacon Ads—Shop At Home and Aid Your Neighbor Two Cents Per Copy Longwin Elen Wins 1st Place in Annual Yule Contest; Sproull Home Runner-Up MUCH MORE ORIGINALITY SHOWN Originality and the completeness of lighting were the chief consid- erations of the Idareptte Christmas Lighting Committee who adjudged the home of Longwin H. Lien, Ill No. Thurlow Ave., as first grand city prize winner in the annual contest. Ills home was attractively outlined In multicolored lights, and large candler lined both sides of the path to the house, giving an appearance of a picture post card. The honor of Mrs. J. T. Sproul!, 103 Su. Itumson Ave., winning Bev- and place. was also outlined in colored lights, also with lights in each window. Third place was awarded Louis St. John, 3 No. Rumson Ave.. upon whose seeond door open porch was placed a sil- ver Christmas tree, on either side of which wera two giant blue can- dles. Blue lights outlining the home with red lights outlining the windows and a greeting extended all passers-by, won fourth place for Mr. 0. F. Tracy, 14 No. Mans- field Ave. A. J. Hutton, 20 Circle Drive. Marven Gardens. fifth prize winner, outlined his home with red and green lights, and nautical neon reigns completed the picture. The home of U. S. Senator William H. Smathers, 6 So. Osborne Ave., win- ner of the sixth grand city prise. was decorated with multicolored lights, with a large wreath, in the center of which a blue bell placed on the Parkway side, and on the rear of the house was a huge star. Commercial prize winners were the Firemen's Log Cabin and James Hedges. 7817 Ventnor Ave. Winners of the district awards First District First, Anthony A. Previte 7 East Drive: 2nd, Carl Weber. 7500 Vent- nor Ave.; 3rd, E. B. Otway, 30 No. Clermont Ave.; 4th. John Majane, 17 East Drive: 6th, residence at 31 East Drive: 6th, Wm. Eccles. 31 Mrs. Isabella Bonsai! Passes Away at Home Mrs. Isabella Bonsai; of 9313 Ventnor Ave., widow of the late Richardson L. Bonsai], primed away at her home after an illness of some time. Urn. Borman had resided here for over 10 years and was active In civic and church work. She was a member of the Ladies' Aid Society of Trinity M. E. Church and rarely mimed a Sunday School or church session. Services were at the James It. McClurg A Son Funeral Home. 1665 Harrison St., Frankford. on Tuesday. Interment wits at Cedmi Hill Cemetery. Naomi F. Seip, Local Girl, Weds in California Dr. and Mrs. Albert F. Selp, of It saw Drive. Marven ()entente announce the marriage or .their daughter. Naomi Frances, to Mr. George Robinson tient:none, of Waco, Texas. They vi are married December. 12th in the Wilshire Wedding Chapel in Hollywood, California. Mrs. Flemmone is *Pending the holideye with her parents. She Will return in January to make her Items In Long Beech. California. Mrs. Albert Strip will accompany her daughter to California- ATAIANIC I. "You tonnes !MI the turns libet WO ovary lass." IMAM' I —New Year's Day S—Great lintran otterariivit jki. signed Medd* pact 1337 *IQ tekliCts ecutad by mums Cole entireint 1S32. 4i—Utott41khleektaltnated wean,1195. lie-lattior Sutherland, _m• preempt:curt,rettettiltill. declared unarm". %avow!,190b 7—Crown Prisr:Let .Va. usc THIS YEAR No. Clarendon Ave.; 7th, Catherine Schuman. 9 So. Clarendon Ave .; 8th, George Putter, 7 No. Clare n- don Ave.; 9th, Stever residence, 7600 Atlantic Ave.; 10th, Earl Hampton, • le East Drive; 11th. E. Bertram Wright. 8 No. Frede- ricksburg Ave.; 12th, residence at 16 East Drive: 13th Carl Surveil. 6 No. Brunswick Ave.: 14th, Rob- ert Shnw. 13 So. Argyle Ave. Second District First, Stanley A. Joy, 26 No. Hanover Ave.; 2nd, Richard Endi- cott. 23 No. Haverford Ave.; 3rd, Dr. M. B. Holoman. Haverford and Ventnor Ave..: 4th. J. J. MeClaY, 16 No. Hanover Ave.; 5th, Fort residence, Jerome and Anent!, Ayes.; 6th, R. F. Wildman, 15 No. Iroquois Ave.; 7th, Chas. H. Gar- rison, 4 No. Iroquois Ave.: 8th. Harvey Amole, 109 No, Iroquois Ave.; 9th, John Hardin, 7 No. Havertord Ave.; 10th, Bert Roland. 8308 Fulton Ave.; 11th, C. E. Mil- ler, Jr., 1 Colmar Circle; 12th. R. L. Brown. 6 No. Iroquois Ave.: 12th. M. Foster, 21 No. Granville Ave.; 14th, L. R. Meyers, 32 No. Exeter Ave.; 15th. residence at 8 No. Iroquois Ave. Third District First, Judge John O'Malley, 8706 Ventnor Ave.; 2nd, Mrs. Bien...hard, 8703 Ventnor Ave.; 3rd, Aiken resi- dence. 8707 Ventnor Ave.; 4th, Wm. Roland, Jr., 8906 Atlantic Ave.: 6th, Cook residence S. E. cor. Thurlow and Atlantic Ayes.; 6th. S. E. Dalton, 11 No. Osborne Ave.; 7th. Wielland residence, 8906 Vent- nor Ave.; 8th, James Bechtold, 5 So. Union Ave.; 9th, Ted E. Lapres, 9000 Ventnor Ave.: 10th, Dr. Brown. 9 So. Union Ave.; 11th. Kirk Lewis, N. W. col. Mansfield and Atlantic Ayes.; 12th, Richard Somers, 16 So. Thurlow Ave.; 13th, Russell C. Austin, 12 So. Osborne Ave.; 14th, Dr. Kilduffe, 109 So. Osborne Ave.; 15th, Duffin resi- dence, S. E. car. Sumner and At- lantic Avert.; 16th. Risley residence. 3 No. Sumner Ave. Fourth District First. William Johnson, 106 Ni). Coolidge Ave.; 2nd. Rustin resi- dence, 24 No. Jefferson Ave.: 3rd, James Attlee. 121 No. Coolidge Ave.; 4th, Albert Hackney, 103 No. Coolidge Ave.: 5th. Horace Keene, 14 No. Adams Ave.; 6th, George McClain, Coolidge and Ventnor Ayes.; 7th. Sarah Hopkins, 214 No. Adams Ave.; 8th. John Baker, 12 No. Adams Ave.; 9th, James Mason, 19 So. Jefferson Ave.; 10th, remi- ttance next to Trinity Church Week of Prayer at 1st Community Church A sermelin by the Pastor, Rev. C. Robert Pedersen. on the subject "Why Pray?" will mark the begin- ning Of the Week of Prayer at the Margate Community Church. A vocal trio made up of Mrs. C. Wil- bur Harley, Mrs. E. W. Shronk and Mrs. Carl Zerr. will sing "The Green Cathedral" by Hahn. Organ selections will be "Traumerel and Romance" by Schumann, "Evening Rest" by Loeschhorn. and "Festive March In D" by Smart, with C. Wilbur Harley at the connote. The service is at 11 a. m. The Church School session is at 9.45 a. nu. and offers a complete etaff of teachers for classes of all ages. Chi-WU/in Endeavor will meet at 7 p. m. Mae C. Robert Pedereen will go to Trenton on Monday to attend the quarterly meeting of the Board of Managers of the New Jersey Baptist Convention of which she is a member, serving on the Chtistien Education Committee. The officers and teachers of the Church School will hold their monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. 0. A. McMullen. 111 No Cool- idge Ave., at S o'clock on Monday evening. The Board of Trustees will meet at 7.30 on Tuesday eve- nts. Mrs Wallace Howell will be hostess to the Ladies* Auxiliary for their meeting at 2 p. m. Wednesday at her hero-. 17 So. Weehingion Ave Police News ---- 01111c...r Heiser reported SIttlir- dor Morning that a lighting stan- dard had been damaged by a truck. Ventnor Pollee were &eked to look for a truck that had been dam , spa. J. Warner kietnekemp reported to Police Monday morning that /someone had been taking his tight Wet from his decorations. With a 'weir of amid gleam, you can Psi abetot 26 time, as many MAKES 1939 REPORT RICHARD DE PAMPHYLIS Chief of Police Richard De Pamphilis. of Longport, made his detailed report for Police and Beach activities to Mayor Edwin M. Lavin° for the year 1939 Just ended. Joy and Anderson Win Thursday; Risley and Wheeler Win Tuesday --- Keen Competition at school Margate's basketball league is offering the closest fought games of the entire county leagues, with the teams being very evenly matched as the se•cree show. Last Thursday night Joy Serviee beat the Risley Laundry quintet, 31 to 23, and the Anderson Service five won over Wheeler Coal, 40 to 27. On Tuesday night the Wheelers nosed out the .loy outfit, 44 to 39. The Anderson Service lost to Risley, 44 to 42. Tuesday night the Wheelers face Anderson, the only team to defeat them thus far, and the Joy team meets Risleys. Games are every Tuesday and Thursday at the school at 8 p. m. The public is invited to theme con- Nettie Mialtdinils let Dale W L Wheeler 5 1 A.ndereon 3 Joy, 2 4 Risley 2 4 Auxiliary to Sponsor Sauerkraut Dinner - A sauerkraut dinner will be held at the home of Mrs. (intent, 10 Ho. Franklin Ave.. on Tuesday. Janu- ary 9th, from 6 to 7. The dinner will be limited and reservations can be made by calling 2-3224. Proceeds will be used for the organ fund by the Ladies' Auxil- iary of the First Community Church. Margate Harriers Finish 2nd in New Year's Run Margate Athletic Association har- riers placed second at tha Mayfair Street run held on New Year's Day at Philadelphia. Shanahan C. C. was first with $2 points; Margate A. A. second with 46 points; Passon A. A. third with 62 points, and Mercury fourth with AO points. Margate A. A runners finished in the following order: John Don- aldson, 3rd; Joe Fielechrtran. 7th; Wilbert Stearns. 8th; Torn Moab).. 2st, and Gene Shepherd. 33rd The wittier of the race was Robert Smith. of N. L. High School, Philadelphia. Time prize winners were Henry Hart, of Mercury, 1st; Vince Her- mention. Shanahan, 2nd; and Joe Sullivan, Shanahan, led. Sunday at Trinity Church The Rev. Waiter ri. Williams will preach at the Margate Trinity Methodist Church. 9600 Ventnor Ave.. at 11 a. m. Sermon topic: "Unappropriated Blessinint" At 7 45 p nt. the Rev. Edwin P. H ann, 0.1).. Diettlei Superintendent of the Camden District, will preetch end bold the First Quarterly canter- once. All officers are requested to be present with their reports. The Junior Choir will sing epeeist se- lection.e under the direction of Mist Mabel Jackson, organist. Church School meets et 10 a. m under the eripervisitnt of Mrs Her- bert Sttekel, ettearinteadesi Longport Police Chief's Annual Report Shows 181/2% Fewer Fined in 1939 Following is a complete report of police and beach patrol activi- ties for 1939 as submitted by Chief Richard De Pamphilis to Mayor Edwin M. Lavino, of Longport. In 1938 there were 136 persons lir- , rested and fined as compared with 111 for 1939, a drop of about I % December 31. 1939, lion. Edwin M. Levin° Mayor. Longport. N. J. Dear Mayor: I respectfully submit my report of the Police Department and Beach Guards activities for the year 1939. I take the pleasure, to sate that I voice the sentiment of the mem- bers of this department in extend- ing to your Honor, and the Com- missioners our most sincere thanks for the many courtesies you have seen IR to bestow, during the past year, and feel that our loyalty will be proven by our future conduct. Yours very truly, RICHARD De PAMPHILIS, Chief of Police. Pollee Report for 1939 Total number of arrested anti fined in the Longport Police Court, 111. Disposition of Police Cases Plea guilty, 109, plea not guilty. 2; careless driving, 1; speeding. 41: driving without a driver's license, 2; permitting unlicensed driver to drive, 1; passing cars on the right, 1; Passing a standing trolley car, 1; blocking traffic, 1; soliciting without a permit. 2; stop street violations, 49; parking in restricted zone, 2; eating on the beach ot street, 6; throwing rubbish on streets. t; undressing in cars, 3. Local fines collected, $119.0 0. State fines collected, $128.00, cash ball posted. $443.50; bail bond posted, $350.00 Persons Reprintanded Speeding, 29; no tail lights. 19; no registration card, 2; without building permits, 3; disorderly, 9; parking in restricted zone, 92; eat- in on beach or streets, 37; un- Margate's Needy Aided by United Welfare Units Over 50 baskets of food anti a considerable amount of clothing were distributed over the holida ys to the leas fortunate in Margate by welfare units front the Margate Women's Republican Civic Orimni - zation, Women's Democratic Club. Margate Welfare Guild and th e welfare branch of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, all work - ing together in harmony in ren- dering assistance where needed. Much credit is due these splen- did organisations. not only during the holiday season, but all through the year they are rendering aid and assistance to those in nee d. If those who attend their parties at times could have witnessed t he gratitude of some of the recipients they would not mite any of the affairs given by these units which make it ponsible to render this assistance. Those on the committees for the various organizations were: Wo- men's Republican Civic Organisa- tion, Mrs. Eugene A. Tighe and Mrs. Emory J. Klemm; Women's Democratic Club, Mrs. Fred R . Evers and Mrs. Robert N. Mc- Allister; Margate Welfare Guild, Mrs. Robert C. Wisham; P. B. A., James Mason, Jesse Woods and John F. Wylie. To Elect Officers Nomination and election of an- cora will be the principal order of business at a regular meeting of the Matron*, Women's Repubilean Civic Organisation this evening at Margate City Hall All members are urged to attend. Meeting will start promptly at 8.30. A game party, to be held on January 24th, will oleo be dis- cussed. Proceeds from the affair will benefit their welfare fund Evans Choristers to Meet A meeting of the Evans Chor- isters will be held at the Atlant ic City Iligh School on Monday eve- ning at $ o'clock. Mrs. Robinson Passes Mrs. Nellie Robinson. mother of Mrs. Howard Thomson. of 23 No, Madison Ave., with whom she made her home, died there Tues- day morning after an illness of about four weeks. She had bee n a resides( of Margate for 16 ye ars. Burial will be Made Satu rday from the Oliver U. Blair building, 1939 Otmetaut Street. Punsatinikaa. dressing or dressing in ears. 6; persons throwing rubbish on streets, 2; persons throwing rubbish in bay, 3; boys with rates and taken away from them by police, 1; persons soliciting and selling without permit, 19. Complaints of various kinds re calved, 698; calls for police, 463. calls transmitted over police radio, local, 614; calls transmitted over police radio to S.P.C.A., 618. Police Radio Activities Transmission from Ventnor Pu lice to Longport Police, 311; Long- port Police to Ventnor Pollee, 36; Margate Police to Longport Polk" 25; Longport Police to Margate Police, IS; Pleasantville Police to Longport Police, 80; Longport Po- lice to Pleasantville Police, 45; Atlantic City Police to Longport Police, 210; Longport Police to Atlantic City Police, 9. Total number of calls transmitted by Longport Police Radio. 1,237. total number of transmissions re- ceived from other stations, 628. (Continued on Page 4) Bowling Allies Finished; Work Progressing on Modern Service Station Parkway Home Framing Finimhe41 Margate's building operations are in full swing, with many houses started and several projects bein g completed. Modernization of Anderson's Service Station at Benson anti Ventnor Ayes. Is progressing satis- factorily despite the bad weathei Here the project consisted of coni piete demolition of the old station and erecting the new super statio n, further back on the property. Moving of the three five-room I•ungalow unit from Iroquois and Atlantic Avert offered a new prob- lem in this type of work as the three units together were too large to move through Margate streets to the new location at Jefferson and Atlantic AVM However. LeRoy See, local builder, solved the prob - lem by sawing the building into two parts, making moving opera• tions feasible. The units are no n on the new location. New Howling Allies to Open Margate's new bowling allies are scheduled to open this Saturda y night at 7 o'clock. This is the first real recreation center to open in this community. Work on Margate's fine new ad- dition to its beautiful Parkwa y homes, the Munyan residence at Osborne and Ventnor Ayes. Is pro - gressing rapidly. Ray Wells is the builder and It. Bayne William a, local architect, the designer. South Atlantic Fire Co. Elects New Officers Election of °dicers was the mai n order of business at a meeting o f South Atlantic Fire Co. No. 1 Wednesday evening at City Hall. William H. Whittaker, president of the Company. and Josiah Nor - cross were honored by the mem- bers at the meeting which marked the 40th anniversary of the organi- sation, it having been organised in 1899. Both Whittaker and Nor- cross are charter members and are the only remaining ones left. Officers elected were: William H. Whittaker. president; Georg e Wolf, vice-president. H. C. Patter- son, secretary; Max Rothkugel, treasurer; Write Chevoni and Philip Crowe. sergeants-at-arms; Charles E. McKee, foreman; Wal- ter lireitweiser, assistant foreman: Harry Elwell and Joseph Scally, trustees; Waiter Breltweiser, dele- gate to the Atlantic County Fire- men's Association. At last month's meeting the group went on record to organize a ladies' auxiliary to the Company Fire Damages Home Fire broke out in the ressinet....:. of Meredith 11. Kirstetter at 118 No. Mansfield Ave.. early Wednes- day morning, driving the three oc• cupants out into the bitter cold. Mrs. Kirstetter was awakened by the coughing of their small son, Meredith. Jr., caused by the smoke The blaze was believed to have started In the heater room of the house and It was nearly three hours before it was extinguished Firemen used three lines of water on the conflagration which began at 1.09 a, m and it was 3:e0 a. In. before the apparatus departed for the Arehouse. Mr. Kirstetter is local agent for the United States Treasury Depart- ment's Alcohol Tea Unit. Damage wee estimated at about MOOS 4