Margate Beacon (1950-1959)

A I 45 95 00 lb .23 .29 59 Keep Abreast of the News of Margate With This Paper Volume XIX, No. 4 ARGATE BEACON Margate City (Atlantic City, N. J., P. 0.) -11stiassil aa Socea414.14as 1lLanor, April X?, INN at as riot owe at atiaNue cos. L J.. Vaaor tar &et at blare. S. t$T." FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1950 We Will Mail You 'Mc Beacon --52 haute—Fur $1.00 Per Year Two Cents Per Lighting Awards Made Here By Atlantic City C of C Citations were announced in the brat poet-war Greater Atlantic City Chrietnias Lighting competition 'hie week by Charier Kline, chair- mow of the committee In charge The dint 10 piare winner* will re- ceive gold-ooduaosed certificate. at the annual Chamber of Commen, dinner this month, sad others will be mailed. Mrs. C. H. Nuts, S.. Union Ave.. was a first place winner / Margate. sad Ni. sod Mrs. Frank Floes, 1L4V Mooenouth At.., foe Inagport. Mail place awards ware ales, won by Joseph A. Boyle, real estate. NOD Veistaiw Ave.., tor Avenue Blares; the Luogpret Borough 14.11 V., public huddiaga. Other runidenises awarded la MargaW sad Loagpiert included! Kargalo—Boaidsaceo: Mrs. Jo- seph Adel*, OM Atlantic. Ave ; Paid L *Lea. BIOS Vindaer Ave.. M. Or, Arai/ward. lb N. liaarreor Ava; Itielmwd reaz. 1$ N hems Asa; CAIW._Cas,I N. Moorwe A we.; Gorge ticadliart. 14114 Mousieresith Ave. sgrr at the Lewes Illistal;•sow Ara• Amble, Ituts, IT S. Ger- allimirerik Third Tatto Geast„ dB Frapidis Arc; Herbert Llaskill, 121 N. Quincy Ave. Fourth District: C. E. McKee, , hal N. Decatur Ave.; Thomas J White., 4 IL Borisua Ara; David '1' Byrne, 114 N. Jadforaue Ave.; George Gindliart, f414 Monmouth Ave.; Miss Grace Cos. Madiaon and Monmouth Anis.; Mrs. Blida birth M. Hogan, 11 N. Adams Ave. As award is the yisce-st-imai• Issas diviaksa moat to David Chasms, operator of a gas station at Frew- testae sad Visatner Ares. Another was provided for the tiocorations at Joseph lioylees real estate Alec The jadges from each district and the districts in which they sterved follows: First District: Mum Lynn Cisme- sata, Harry Craig sad Andrew operating In the Third Match& Distriet: Lawns.* Anita (itoolL Manditisa salmitltionag). nod Menhir/ sod Mrs. Joseph OlDsmiall, north Distriet. Third District: Thasse Mews (Harbert CisaIdll soiseibetharl. Thome Gams sad Mime Violet Mr Doomel• riest Distsiot. PIM* Distrist: Plush DM'S' C. Irina Wise sod Mes. Itssel 1111012 Ave.; Williams N. nap, T 23 Cedar Gowns A. J. Motto& ? W. Ifliorlase Ave.; Ilabort kirk 18 horns Ase.; IL IL Lapis. 116 N. C.aolidgei Ant; Kamm Mar. A Voiles Ave.: Jeseph IlleCabo. 1111 N Dossitas Alm Mrs.IAN J MeCiss, N Has, wars Alp,;CsAtarrias 1011 111. Clariodwa Ara ; Friss& lis• Doesoll. In N. Oarsoilles Ave Wiliam McFarland. Jr., 108 S. Diutrotlio Ave- Na. It4.. C.Pawn.* N. Ontearian Ave.; Dr. P. C. Ss ay% III N. Drama** Ave.; J. C 1111sda. D. Diananar Ant. 1 GR!DOERS ma POINTF.A.,--emsk lapask& MIto mod lams Hart. Notre Dame lostbell ateirs. mem* Imothedit sod same tips oo their we tetem pommilms st lbsi ilholos Mimesampiliel US Cuirass The bays lost asOw.they mom hosay molt be yid Ohs plakimo ume. Migdal Mass Saturday /%.t 9 SIXTY-ONE PRIZES GIVEN FOR YULETIDE LIGHTING IN MARGATE Make. Awards Tuesday Night Winners in the Margate China mac Lighting Conteat were OA nounced Tuesday ii;ight awards delivered by members of the judg- ing committee, it was announced by H. Herbert Uhrmann, chairman of the Christmas Lighting Com- mittee. Selectiona this year were made ii a pro rata basis. Uhrioalin said. awards being dirkiod ammo Ilse districts as follows: First, 211 orient; second, 14; third. 18, sail fourth, six. Filet award in each district was $45 in savings stamps; •••••44, itS,711 in savings *tamps, mad odmir swards iseluded electrical ayylt• soca% home fundabistga. MAW, .k oridelrs. Ammo shmus mod ims Mahon. Illtutsre LANNI 71mi wieners tallow la •nier of List through sixth plans: Pint District Viseesit Wok lb pined as or auks Hard M Drive; it. Harbort Uhroiatais, Th04 Ifilachester Ave.; Dr F. C. wars OW,ia mita. Harvivitig are hie wits: Wm =IMII•iscitrourt4ii. 5*1 isilracisautsiLi Hotti oaks man limn far Ralph t of George K.; hia osethar,, lbw Mary Godes Ala; Miaow IMO%es ^ District- Tony Grant. al Angel Stree Mn Jorge L Gratfts.1114 N. Ileiss- * Maidisiglow Are oho 4§041 wigisie piskaased: t„,blooms.,Ossii Ave. Wedassider mo,wall be Swag to-'Juba sad Mbeseed. sod • sister, ,teervvw oweruiss M o'clecis sa IgsOir, all or Flialedisid the Illessard Basesissit Church.. and imosipinist ,mg ha cfloo,,,,..4 A Boy FOr Roslofs Ommotory folkiestas the Mmes. , Ur sod NM As Rasisim, of Vlaiwiair will I. this oirsisiag at Margate, tow bubo eseipialwIrdad nus Qeser Wlabors fuser& home..mamo With et WV at the 011111 Voltam Ave. Atlantic Clit7 limmitai so Mooday, sou assaskair of the Priosily Jairesse, S. Moe ssalarar sea Woo of ft Pori& mad woo eels- ass neposied &tag 'Wryly. 1.177.:114 ,1rU. b=6 LT= SHORE SAYS PAUL L. TROAST Illoilimear Ac.; tireasof Weis& 11111.1 folies Ac. Imasport—liesidisseee Mr sod Mis J, Jaamisaa. 1.41 M. Tar- es/MB Aye.; f', falwradler. Mod Aye. is the whoreil arsop. the Trout/ Mothsdise Chow recoivoill •rite him Bank O.K.'d B Zoning Board in times 0009. peaks he oitimmilii coossommod Mr Paul L Seassid 'IL Piramidia Aim; Al Manilla. 4 ft ti ligaments" A's; U. C. Wails. TV 'nano Mere. Ito s f t Will Be--ne Masseur Ac.; Illehard Cilmilimme Ave..; Mrs Matto aid 5.1=LiLt!i ir. r R.Aapta. Uene Beck Fund Umios Ave.; Pawl Aliso 9701) r otor Asa; Warms Wiellsod. Illideasmil. IV N. Lasesillor Mal Vida* sod Vaatass Ansa; Grew N. J. TURNPIKE WILL BENEFIT Mot—orists Warned Of Hazardous Winter Driving a imemiectiim smelseists —6=21 oak brell. of ,the New Jersoy Selier• RI,. timbered eta, the ;rivireilogliggibaggilor y isterrhaagre. imstssimb atoM Ohm dir • pe011egt by the 1uIItssitt sr AC Cilla soral She Imo aragerad Ma 0 tradea as 41%sedest the of alp MIL Whet Slo Clarada elesoemol Tuestlay prswicirni Roweeatiosis ("Amoristttao, ad Mutt tbs.* fleet serirmottite f Itli neva slit* ret/4. eta . 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