Margate Beacon (1960-1964)

r tht woe ly ith ito •the Bro: %the m Doi ibis- Pad!" Ii osi •WI ke Keep Abreast of the NCO, of Margate With Mt, Paper Volume XXIX. No.4 MARGATE BEACON Margate City (Admatic City, N. J., P. t N. J. State Police Recruit Aspirants Asked To Report To Examining Points Troy/otos Calese. Janie D. Rutter, State Moe superinles. Soak today ammemsei that hi et- ace hes bees owsimped with pw wale toe spootkehiss tem' tee the eseeke recruit emisehesdies. Jam. 11. despite the sumersom mop ammessesale stades that the terms see net seceseary to take the wettest eseeminaUsa. CP,o are grositieti uoth tau. salary et NON per NM *oh imaisheeme b Wain& Is midi- Use, being qualters. alumitenes mid equipment ors melded by the Weiss et Mote rotiro .t.. at Atlanta, Cfty. I . . Maar lie /stored WI ao...ii-otooi a. Lot, As -S Malk jsiesel I. FRIDAY,JANUARY 1, itill •7:111=1113 Dr.I.C.Shavelson Is Lions Speaker Mon. Dr. Irving C. lawman% a part I at tbe Anodic I Ailiedetillea will 14WAIL k." iniotioma. am sail limp it Carsoary Disease; at the Vest- ells7=Jan.4 at lb Margabo Liao Club rearniag Cuban J. Walter ileateeliler. sea England, Utility , leg which will heirs at Tee pol. the deb. will 4 mlist sb • • vi•t= serlmes"="4.1*"-•: Chairman Reports College Bond Issue I. the sam *mandeing pie awl they will be pesysithel to tabs the sorealesteme. to.. Amid moot Wiese T pas. or see4the= eseises lesseed to the N Gvard Amery. Iteekinam a• Sawa ibust. rhillipsherg. Gees* Nigh thabsel. alsisinsill Awe. eiel Chombese Tesellea. and IL Jasoidea imbesi. awil Plessest affenes. Anima,must be met ler them ti ear err thee IN yews et ego as4Mom& W.ISO. sod ea leset II ft. S Who sal set slew Wm Alt. 4 Wise.edam* ewes; we e- peopernimed. sad swami be4smell regstealos sod 4 asend mend ehesmiter. Aggileuelle offillseld So erg Maio PAW Awaikary ter the 14. 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The ammilaso. beaded W Dr. I. David Preadmee. is meth,* eagankatisse to &kw- 4111•444. b•41•41044. sir vilieb mem — thresh — bias aseeelberd the meet to the Award %OA be proventod at Lbw an- neal Brno Night lisseset S. be held during the lest were in Jan- uary at•Peso to be alseqpiari. George /kiss*, Arnim= 4 the Immemet esammittee ashi that ar- romennanato aso Wag amspieted. Nemo Night is dodiested to the pillars at the westinenity who sup- per% awl reempsiee the value et Jayvees h• Asesedhae to Dr. rresill air y ens may ashout•asesillalkil t While is hew at 141 S. Ave..aAttestor thy :1%.'"=: Open On Sat. Mon emimerbe dm poems mos% 4001- hely are ea the ardseeks bleak. Tlow ithe iliweir Brown Is Awarded Prize For lights The Temple Meth iimilield P..T. A. mods/ kw pie is the Chseadish hire dee- emorme emseimi mei Nem Jab Owen 4 N themeille Ave. The omens use operiesd *the P.-T. A. to lefty gemeer here partimemeies4prams mid abildies se selahenlies el the Waft 4die Pried Ughts. 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